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Hola! This is where I'll record happenings, thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. during the remaining weeks and months leading up to my stint as the Servant Event Coordinator at Ysleta Lutheran Mission in El Paso, TX, and also during my missionary service for 18 months starting this January. The name missionaryMAC comes from something I got in the mail from LCMS not long after I was officially accepted for this position. They were sending me about 8 trees worth of paperwork every week for awhile; one letter I got was addressed "Dear Missionary Mackenzie" and it pretty much made my day. So what am I up to right now? I leave in a little less than 4 months and I am working hardcore on support-raising! The total that I need to raise to cover everything for 18 months is approx. $17,000. I would also like to raise up an army of people to pray for me before, during, and after my time in El Paso. Currently I am about 1/6 of the way there. The next step will be speaking to my congregat