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Rocky Mountain High

Chris and I took a little break from the mission and went up to stay with his family in CO for Easter. Our vacation wound up being a little longer than expected due to the fire at Rita's and 16 inches of snow, so I'll let you see for yourself how we kept ourselves busy... Cherry Creek Reservior State Park...a ginormous lake thing with a path around it right by his parents' house. If I lived nearby I'd go walking there ALL the time! First baseball game of the season...I've been to 4 MLB stadiums now, if you count old Busch and new Busch. Coors Field! View of the mountains from the stadium. The row of purple seats is exactly one mile above sea level. Our tickets weren't too far below here... ...but Chris's sister and her fiancee had much closer seats that they let us use for a couple innings! We went to the game again on Easter Sunday and had equally amazing seats on the opposite side of the the rain! We went to White Fence Farm for dinner on Easter

The aftermath...

Here are some images from the aftermath of the fire in the previous entry...

Prayers and help needed

Friends of YLM-- Many of you who have been to the mission before may know Rita, the cook, and her family--sons Jon and Leo and daughter Diana. Chris and I unfortunately found out yesterday that her house (one of the buildings on the mission's campus) burned down. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Firefighters said that the fire was caused by some faulty wiring that Rita had noticed gave off sparks from time to time. The building itself is still standing and will be partially covered by insurance, but all of their possessions were lost. In addition, the family is thinking about cancelling Diana's quinceanera (giant 15th birthday party currently scheduled for May 1). Since Chris and I are in Colorado right now, they will sleep at our houses until we get back, or maybe shortly thereafter, but we don't yet know where they will go from there. If you would like to help them out in their time of need, please contact me or Chris ((303)748-0950 or ). Financial contributions

Spring break for me!

The last group of the busy spring season left on Friday morning so it's my turn for spring break now! They were from Lincoln, NE, and worked on 3 different homes in Sparks, including the Morales trailer. It looks AMAZING now because it got painted when Mt. Prospect was here and then these guys built them a new porch and fixed the plumbing so that both hot AND cold water run to the entire trailer! Here's a picture: And just for kicks here are some more of my amiguita and I: The Trinity group actually turned out to be a great transition into a little bit of downtime because they had a lot of experience and very high standards, so Chris and I didn't need to be there ALL the time and could get some work accomplished in the office. What am I going to do for the next month or month and a half-ish though, since there aren't any more groups that I'm going to be around for until May? 1. Go to Colorado for Easter! Chris is from the Denver area so we're leaving on Friday a