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That Dam FORO

Even with multiple days of being "on" pre-FORO, or perhaps because of them, it was a dam good FORO. in, Friday's cultural excursion was to a dam. After scoping it out during Holy Week , I knew it'd be a winner, and it was.  I warned everyone they'd probably want closed-toed shoes.  Jessi (Trinity, Davenport, IA), me, Becca, and Kris (Zion, Nampa, ID) on 1 of 3 boats that took us across the lake.  Group pic after a delicious buffet lunch.  Saturday is always the longest day of the DR FORO, but I inevitably learn something I didn't know even though I live  there and leave so encouraged by how God is blessing the efforts of missionary colleagues and national workers alike.  One of the tasks I usually do in preparation for a FORO is assigning interpreters for each session...oftentimes including myself.  Our partners support and care for us in so many ways...including feeding us yummy Italian food! FORO partners worshipped together at Iglesia Luterana Puebl

You’re Here Early!

The first thing I did when I got back from Jamaica was mail my old passport back to the US embassy in Santo Domingo. That same outing also took me to PriceSmart to buy bulk snacks for the upcoming DR FORO partnership meeting and to Hotel Los Jardines to drop off welcome bags for guests. Of ten, SEVEN arrived as much as two days early.  Rev. Ross (3rd from right) & Kris Shaver (Zion Lutheran Church, Nampa, ID)   had the blessing of joining DR missionaries for September's monthly all-team gathering. We met - for the first time - in the new regional office (it's no longer across the street from my house...sigh) and then migrated to the Naumanns' house. Rev. Dr. Jonathan & Deaconess Cheryl had graciously offered to host us for Bible study, worship, and a potluck. I skedaddled out right after worship to go pick up Rev. Nathan Meador (South Wisconsin District). Cheryl saved me a plate of dinner, but the brownies I made were gone...gonna have to make those again.   The

God Created

***LONG POST ALERT!*** ( When your team includes a professional photographer , it's hard to limit yourself!) Still somewhat unbelievably, I spent last week in Jamaica hosting my home congregation. What a gift to do what I do best for ten individuals representing the church I've been a member of since age three, some of whom have known me almost as long. At the behest of the local church and Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) branch, they came to lead a VBS. Their original curriculum centered on creation and naturally, the Creator. Even as I write this the title theme song is running through my head.  Mostly  rested (those who got to sleep with A/C better than others...) after Saturday's late evening arrival, we began our week in the Word. The Kirbys, former LCMS missionaries to Jamaica, led a spontaneous sing-a-long as we waited for members to trickle in. I was soaking up their wisdom all week: a fun gift shop NOT full of Chinese trinkets; bullas for breakfast and wine slice f