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Signing Off

So I guess this is my farewell to the blogging world. I've loved having missionaryMAC as on outlet for sharing news, joys, frustrations, and more these past few years. Keeping this site up to date hasn't been a burden, but rather something I have truly enjoyed. But I think its time to say goodbye. My feeling is that as people who have collectively given nearly $50,000 to my cause and invested countless hours of worry and prayer to my ministry, you have had a vested interest in the minutiae of things like when I get sick or when I  spend an afternoon baking cookies. But now I'm back to being a "normal" person with a "real" job. I realize that CPH is just another mission field and that it will be exciting and dynamic in its own ways, but I'm back to being just your daughter, sister, cousin, niece, godmother, goddaughter, grandchild, friend, babysitter, former student, co-worker, fellow church member, whatever. I think I'm really going to enjoy my

1 Cat, 2 Days, 1200 Miles

My last day in El Paso on Monday was one filled with getting ready to leave, in all its various forms. AM: Packing! It started off pretty organized, but then became a case of squeezing everything wherever it would fit! I didn't have to leave anything important behind except for my hangers, which I figured were easy and cheap enough to replace. When I was finished, there wasn't room for much more than Freddy's carrier and Dad's backpack! I didn't have any plans for all afternoon, but that didn't last long. Chris took me out to lunch, then we swung by Lowe's to say bye to all my friends there. I think that really says something about my life in El Paso! When we got back, I ran into Susannah Barbian and wound up spending a lovely hour or so at a little cafe talking to her and her husband Frank, drinking tea, and eating sopapillas. That night, Bob and Kathy Zeeck (one of YLM's "Snowbird" couples who had arrived in their RV that day) took me out

Pictures from Christmas and Mayer

I'm home!!! But more about that later. Here are the pictures that I owe you from Christmas and the first few days of the Mayer Lutheran High School group:   Penguins I made for my high school friend get-together!  I stole the idea from a friend of mine at San Pablo; it's just carrots, jumbo and medium black olives, and cream cheese.   My siblings and I on Christmas Eve: me (25), Kyle (23), and Kara (14).   My whole family!  Christmas morning on Thornberry! My dad, my brother, and I all went in and added to my mom's collection of Nikko Christmastime dishes. She inherited the set from her mom when she passed away, but it's incomplete and the pattern is discontinued. In this picture she is putting together a 2-tiered serving tray that I thought would be perfect for Christmas cookies!  Dad's Coke can pillow.   Me opening something.   I am totally putting this on my desk at CPH!  Best. Slippers. Ever.   Sweet Tar