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Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I've been around enough babies to wonder if Mary and her "holy infant" really had a "silent night," but regardless of the decibel level in the stable, I can guarantee she and Joseph slept "in heavenly peace." How could they not, as they cradled the very Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)? Though we have yet to experience His nearer presence, we, too, rest secure: Jesus, whose very birth was heralded by tidings of peace (Luke 2:14), is our peace (Ephesians 2:14).  Despite the drama. unknowns, and tumultuousness of 2021, I slept in heavenly peace in 31 different beds this calendar year! No, I don't normally photograph my sleeping quarters, but this post represents take II of an exercise I set out to complete in 2020 . And did complete, which made me question whether I even ought repeat it in 2021. I'm glad I did. What follows is a much more accurate picture of #missionarylife. Without further ado, as promised in my  December newsletter , allow me to p

Let Me Be Frank with You

Our last stop in Germany? Frankfurt. And our first stop in Frankfurt? You guessed it: a Christmas market. Unlike the fenced-in Christmas markets we'd visited elsewhere, Frankfurt's extended for several city blocks.  We couldn't, however, wander while we drank our gl├╝hwein ; we had to stay in the tent where we'd ordered it.  Ashley, Chelsea, and Courtney flew back to the US early the next morning, Friday. I'm not sure why (because it was the original plan? because I could?), but I felt compelled to leave a day later, on Saturday. I'm so glad I did! After striking out on various other ideas, I realized there's an LCMS missionary based in  Frankfurt: Rev. Gary Schuscke ! He recommended an excellent walking tour , then met up with me near its endpoint.  My tour didn't start until 10, but because I'm me, and because our hostel didn't have free breakfast, I headed to the city center early. It was pretty sleepy since none of the tourist attractions were