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Las Posadas

In Spain (and several other Hispanic countries) they have these really elaborate processions through the streets at all hours of the day for the entirety of Holy Week. They were one of my favorite parts of studying abroad there, and I was reminded of them last week as we celebrated the tradition of "las posadas" in El Paso/Juarez. The word "posada" is an antiquated term for "inn," but today it refers to a ceremonial procession reenacting Mary and Joseph's search for lodging in Bethlehem. The tradition originated in Spain but today is honored mainly by Catholics, but by others as well, throughout Latin America. There are several kids dressed as Mary, Joseph, angels, etc. that lead the way (ours even carried a star on a pole!), and then everyone else follows. At each stop along the way, a chant is repeated; a small group of people sings the part of the innkeeper telling Mary and Joseph that there isn't room for them, and everyone else sings the part

I'm a Godmother!

Elvira and Jorge asked Chris and I to be the godparents for their daughter Viviana, who was born on May 28 and baptized on Thanksgiving Day, November 26. The date was doubly significant since both Chris's and my parents were here for Thanksgiving so they got to witness it too. I was extremely honored (and still am) that they asked me, and I immediately said yes, as did Chris. I don't know if you officially become a godmother when you accept or when the baby is actually baptized, but either way it's official now: I have a goddaughter, Viviana Paula Viramontes! This one wasn't during the ceremony...what happened was I showered and got dressed, and then Chris needed my help prepping lasagna... ;) My brother and Vivi. Vivi and her godparents! Her dress was so pretty, and it matched the candle and the handkerchief that was used to dry off her forehead too! Yay! Until next time, blessings!

El Dia de la Accion de Gracias

Thanksgiving seems a lot longer in Spanish than in English! As promised though, here is a taste of El Dia de la Accion de Gracias at YLM. Our Father Lutheran Church in Centennial, CO, Chris's home congregation, is the group that is behind the whole thing. This was their 15th year doing it, and they have it down to a science. It's really very cool to witness...unloading, prepping, cooking, serving, etc....Chris and his mom had been talking about it for months but I felt truly blessed to actually be a part of it. I tend to be a very traditional person most of the time so it was strange not to do what I always do for Thanksgiving, but this is a new tradition that I think I could get used to. Dad and Buddy in their matching Coke apparel. The kids (Kara is on the right) assembling goodie bags that we handed out to the kids at each site. Thanksgiving Day was the first meal we did, right here at the mission. It was preceded by a brief worship service, as were all the meals. San Pablo&