Solemn Appointment

So LCMS likes to send me a lot of mail and I got one today that I wanted to share--my "Solemn Appointment." So official sounding...I feel like I should frame it like a degree or something (I'll have one of those too in a month and a half now!). Here is the opening paragraph:

"To Ms. Erin Mackenzie of Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Des Peres, Missouri

Having called on the Lord, our God, for guidance and in the exercise of authority with which He has vested in His church, we, the members of the Board for Mission Services of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in lawful meeting on July 29, 2008, have appointed you to the office of Long-term missionary and herewith extend to you this formal notification of your solemn appointment. "

Pretty cool, huh?

School is going pretty well too. I no longer spend every free second working on my honors project because it's DONE! Well, not like REALLY done, but entirely written, revised once, sent to my committee of professors, and awaiting their approval or lack thereof. I'm learning some really neat things in Hebrew too. I think my roommates just tune me out while I babble and nod and smile every once in awhile, but I tend to come home from class really excited about whatever we discovered that day. Plus the weather has been GORGEOUS! I think it is supposed to cool off starting tomorrow and actually feel like November, but Saturday my roommate and I kept up with a tradition that we started freshman year--taking pictures of fall leaves around campus! Here are some of my favorites:

Oh and and FYI insurance paperwork is really confusing...that has been my project for this week and I'm not sure I like this being a real adult stuff... ;)

Until next time, blessings!


Anonymous said…
i am glad you enjoyed your solemn appointment:)
erin alter