I'd so rather be doing this than going to class

Monday and Tuesday of this week I worked in Mexico with the group that's here from Bella Vista, AR, siding and painting Panchis's house (the congregational president at San Lucas) and then painting the church itself. The whole time I kept thinking it was so odd that I went to Mexico and painted instead of like going to class or something, but at the same time it didn't feel weird at all and there was nothing that I would rather be doing; it seemed like a completely normal thing to be doing with my day. That probably doesn't make any sense at all but anyway, here are some pictures:

El jefe y la jefa siestando (Chris made up that word...it means "to take a siesta")

Oops I got paint on my hand...and my face and my arm and my jeans and my shoes and my sweatshirt.

Power tools!!!

I got the job of climbing up on the roof to paint the trim...btw I got kind of sunburnt b/c I completely forgot to bring sunscreen and the skin under that spot of paint on my right elbow was white while everything around it was red ;)

Done! (Ramona did one side and I did the other and we met in the middle)

One more thing...the bridge wait on Monday was 2 hrs and 41 min...let's hope that does NOT become a normal part of my days!

Until next time, blessings!


chill said…
you forgot to mention how you got on the roof.
Unknown said…
Looks like lots of fun!
So i didn't get a summer internship so i might talk to the springfield people about going there with them, we'll see.
Unknown said…
erin! I love reading about you and your adventures! Happy Valentines day!