Better advertising?

That was the title of an e-mail Krysia sent me awhile back in hopes of coming up with a better way to publicize Vacation Bible Schools and other activities at the Sparks Community Center. Granted, the first ever VBS was just held in March, but we have had a few disappointing turnouts, and I don't think putting a stack of the same flyer with the dates and times changed is going to cut it all summer. So, inspired by the group from Barrington, IL, that usually does a VBS at Santisima with hundreds of kids, I came up with the idea of making big, reusable signs that could be set up on the side of the road. We cut sheets of OSB in half and then attached them to 2 x 4's with a hinge at the top so they'll stand (Chris's idea...Kristine helped out a bunch with the painting too). We even put chains on the sides so they won't fall over. One says "ESCUELITA BIBLICA" (VBS) and one says "ACTIVIDADES GRATIS!" (Free Activities!), so that we can still use it when groups do picnics in the park, haircuts, backpack distributions, etc. Each one has a section of chalkboard paint so we can change the specifics. I had never used that stuff before but it's COOL!

I wanted to go take a picture of the "ACTIVIDADES GRATIS" one all set up on the side of the road because we used it already for Fort Lone Tree's hot dog and soccer event tomorrow afternoon, but sadly, it was already gone when I drove out there yesterday. I guess somebody stole it, which I was kind of worried about when I initially had the idea, but didn't think would actually happen :( Oh well, at least whoever has it knows that YLM is doing outreach in the park behind the community center tomorrow!

Until next time, blessings!