Happy birthday ahijada!

My goddaughter is 1 today! She actually got to open her present from Chris and I (her godparents) yesterday afternoon, since we weren't sure Elvira was coming to the office today and didn't want her to have to wait until Sunday, or even Tuesday because of the Memorial Day holiday. We gave her two stuffed animals, a koala and a pig.

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

"It's bigger than me!"

Isn't she adorable???

Quick update on my life and then I'm going to go relax before dinner (pollo con crema tonight)...building a house in J-town this week with a group from West Bend, WI. We discovered one day at breakfast that it's actually my youth pastor's dad's old church...small world, especially when it involves LCMS Lutherans. If anyone from Mayer Lutheran is reading this, our site is right next to Casa Dos. Today we tarred the roof, finished hanging the drywall and got one coat of mud on, installed the windows, hung soffet, and filled in some gaps around the base of the house with spray insulation (our slab was slightly Michigan State-esque, but we're old pros at dealing with that). Speaking of gaps, I have been closely inspecting my house for bugs every night since I apparently had some sort of infestation last week. They were these tiny things, tinier than ants, and they tended to be active around 9:30-10pm, right around my kitchen table. My first thought was that they were bedbugs or fleas or something, but I'm pretty sure they're not either one of those. I had seen 2-3 of them before, but 2 nights in a row there were at least 30 or 40. A couple times I came home and found a bunch right around Freddy's water dish. I sprayed some stuff that seems to be working but I think I'll do it once more just for good measure. And I think my computer battery is dead/dying. It works fine when it's plugged in but barely holds a charge anymore. So far it hasn't been too annoying, I suppose these things happen to almost 5 yr. old laptops.

Until next time, blessings!