The Minute-Taker

I was volunteered (and I agreed) to be the Minute-Taker for YLM's Development Committee. I didn't used to be on the Committee, but since they all agreed that they needed minutes yet no one volunteered to actually take said minutes, Chris volunteered me. He thought I would be a worthy candidate since I am the secretary of San Pablo AND worked in the Development office all through college. So now I'm the Minute-Taker--not the secretary since they don't have any other officers--the Minute-Taker. I just got back a little bit ago from my first meeting. It was interesting jumping into some of the endowment discussion (and being expected to take notes on it!) having missed a good chunk of the background, but between that and a couple other ideas that have been brought to the table, there are some exciting things on the horizon. God-willing our years of living day-to-day on manna won't number 40...we're at 28 right now.

I kind of like being on another committee; I am slowly adding more things to my September calendar, which looks pretty bleak at the moment. It's amazing how in a day my life goes from struggling to find 10 minutes for a quick shower, to evenings of trying to kill time until it's late enough to go to bed and not wake up at 5 am. One of my goals as Servant Event Coordinator is going to be getting a September group in 2011!

Yesterday I cleaned my house from top to bottom. It probably wasn't that dirty by most people's standards but after a couple weeks of tracking dirt and sand everywhere when vacuuming and dusting fall to the wayside, I feel much better having done it all--even washing the curtains. I think my car--which I did get repaired for WAY less than $816.40 by the way--is going to be next! Today in addition to the meeting Chris and I went out to one of the Canada group's sites to tie up some odds and ends. We're going back next week actually since I apparently can't measure window panes properly! Tomorrow we're meeting with a servant event leader who is bringing 2 spring groups, to scout projects and answer questions. They are staying stateside and want to make VBS a big part of their trips, but the kids will be in school so we're going to have to be creative. That reminds me, I've been working on summer 2011 registration since it opened on the 15th. Most of the usuals have claimed "their" weeks already, but there are still plenty of openings. Hopefully we'll be busier than this summer. Not that it was a bad summer by any means, I just know we're capable of a far greater volume of servant events and the mission needs a summer like the last post-NYG summer (33 groups in 10 weeks) badly! My other project this week has been redesigning the San Pablo newsletter. I feel like no one reads it, and if they do they don't participate in anything that is publicized in it, so I'm trying to modernize the format and condense it down to one page back and front. It's pretty much done, I just need to translate it into a Spanish version. Oh--I'm also already busily planning for 2 more Language Plus weeks in 2011! We met last week and chose January 15-22 and August 6-13!!!

So that's what my life is like these days. I'll try and keep the blogs coming, they just won't relate to servant events for awhile. I probably owe you a support-raising update soon, but LCMS is switching over their gift-processing software right now, so that may be a little slow in coming. Right now I am off to maybe make some dinner (I'm still super full on Chinese food since Elvira and Jorge walked into our cubicle and told us they were taking us to lunch) and definitely watch a movie!

Until next time, blessings!


tchrchill said…
Nice newsy blog! You're catching up with me on the notetaker/secretary thing. Careful -- it can wear thin after five years or so! ;-)

I like the September servant event idea, and am thrilled to hear about two Language Plus weeks in 2011.