in the LCMS Mission Month photo contest! All the photos are in this facebook album:

The photo with the most "likes" wins; you have to "like" the LCMS World Mission page before you can "like" the photos. I'm pretty sure you have to have a facebook account to vote.

The prize is a Skype session with a LCMS missionary (hehe...technically I AM one!), and materials for hosting a mission fair...I'm sure we could use that SOMEHOW!

Voting is open until October 15!

If you want a preview of the photos we submitted, or don't have facebook and can't view the album, here they are:

THANKS! Until next time, blessings!


adelantegirl said…
Thanks so much for making this one happen! I think it's kind of funny that we have 3 of the 21 photos submitted. And, I happen to think that our 3 are definitely among the best! :-)