Having my cake and eating it too!

As I approach the 5 weeks left mile marker, what better time to participate in one Mexican tradition I had yet to experience?

Chris, Jeff, and I went to Santisima this afternoon, where the congregation celebrated my birthday; no one seemed to mind that it was actually over a week ago. The Sunday school kids serenaded me with "Las Mananitas" (Mexican birthday song), accompanied by 3 cakes courtesy of Chris & Jeff. At the conclusion of the song, everyone chanted "Mordida, mordida, mordida!" meaning I was supposed to take a bite out of the middle with no hands. I knew they were going to try and shove my face in it, so after a few attempts at outwitting the mob, I surrendered!

There are worse things to have up your nose than chocolate frosting ;)

YES we ate it afterwards!

Joana and I; her birthday is coming up on December 9. I'm pretty sure the fiesta is going to continue next Sunday because of that and the fact that it will be my last at Santisima!

OFLC Thanksgiving blog coming soon; they left this morning and should have arrived back in Denver a few hours ago. As far as tomorrow's homemade Thanksgiving feast is concerned...cranberry sauce: check, pumpkin pie: check!

Until next time, blessings!


Carol said…
Sweet! I'm glad they pulled off one more birthday thing for you! Keep working this 25th bday thing -- it could go on for a long time!