A Short Week and a Long Day

Last week was abbreviated thanks to a Monday holiday (Día de la Altagracia, or Altagracia Day, which honors the DR's patron Virgin), but it ended with a marathon Friday.

Bright and early Tuesday morning, the Warren family and I set off for the capital to pick up my temporary residency card as well as their youngest daughter Joanna's. Plans changed mere blocks from our neighborhood, though, after a freak collision with a motorcyclist.  Blake, Lizz, Joanna, and I were shaken up but otherwise unharmed; the motorcyclist broke his leg in two places. The Warren-mobile's front bumper is being held together by duct tape but was able to be driven away from the scene. God's hand is evident in that the damage could have been much worse on all counts; instead, the incident created a witnessing opportunity: Regional Director Ted visited the motorcyclist in the hospital!

From then on I shifted into short-term team planning mode for the 11 servants from various Portland-area churches that are on the ground this week. They got here on Friday...sort of.

I got up at 5:30 am and was on the way - solo - for a rain check of Tuesday's appointment by 6:30 am. The immigration lawyer was waiting for me when I pulled up shortly before 9:00 am. I spent just over an hour there and was back home for a late lunch around 12:45 pm, card in hand. Among other perks, I'll no longer get dinged for overstaying my visa whenever I leave the country, and, in theory, I can open a bank account here now.

At 5:30 pm, Ted led much of the missionary team in a prayer service. The aforementioned accident is just one example of how January was a bit rocky; impromptu gatherings simply to intercede for one another are a gift I cherish about my line of work. I met up with a friend for a free concert at Centro Leon that started at "8:00 pm" (island time)...to enjoy her company and also to help keep myself awake! By the time I got home, I still had about an hour to kill before it was time to go pick up the team at 11:53 pm!

According to my phone, the traditional photo by the heart was snapped at 12:26 am once they had cleared immigration, baggage claim, and customs.

By the time the luggage had been hauled to the 3rd floor, keys distributed, introductions made, and a plan for the next day formulated, let's just say I got to bed a good 21+ hours after my alarm had gone off. Good thing I LOVE my job. 

All this week, the folks pictured are my world. Today, keeping them healthy, wealthy, and wise looked like a lot of driving to and from the job site and the grocery store, the hardware store, and three different pharmacies. More soon on them, their project, and some of the stories that are sure to arise between now and their departure on Saturday - our driver Raudy will be here any minute to pick me up for dinner with them in missionary host home #3. 

Until next time, blessings!