I Met You in St. Louis

Many of you, anyway! 

Following my sister's graduation and a short-term coordinators' conference in the Czech Republic, I had a solid two weeks in the Lou over Christmas and New Year's. When I wasn't worshiping at my home congregation every chance I got or relishing in holiday traditions, my days were a mix of lounging in my PJs watching too much Netflix and racing between coffee dates, appointments, errands, and parties. My mom and sister were gracious about letting me borrow their cars, and I managed to curb most of my urges to honk at and pass people. The weather even cooperated in that temps were above freezing nearly the whole time; we even had a few days of 60+. I'm not going to claim I saw everyone I wanted to see, but I was able to catch up with a broad cross-section of family and friends from numerous circles, as you'll see below. 

Walking at Francis Park with a former CPH coworker and her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, just like old times!

Checking out the newly renovated Museum of Westward Expansion inside the Gateway Arch with my mom and sister. 

As soon as I booked my tickets, I consulted a calendar to see if I'd be available any 1st or 3rd Thursdays for one of my former Scrabble group's regular meet-ups. I was going to surprise them on January 2, but this very blog gave me away! I won 2/3 games with one BINGO (using all 7 tiles for a 50 point bonus) and got a kick out of the Scrabble chocolates another player brought to share. 

Garlic knots at Onesto with (most of) the CPH "walkers" (we'd do laps in the warehouse on our AM and PM breaks!). 

Breakfast at Panera with my 7th & 8th grade Spanish teacher!

LHSS class of '05! Our group has changed a bit in that it now includes a number of significant others and toddlers!

Another result of my extended time in the States is this 2.47 lb. beaut! My previous computer was approaching eight years old (older than two of my Regional Business Manager's children, as he'd oft remind me) and beginning to show its age. I should have included it in this photo for scale! While I'm not typically one to "fix" something that ain't broke, reliable technology can be hard to come by abroad, and I'm thankful for a machine that allows me to do my job more efficiently and better suits my globetrotting lifestyle. 

Until next time - on deck: Belize, as promised - blessings!