The last appointment on my calendar for day 224 was Poetry Teatime. I'm sure it's gotten a mention on here before: every other Tuesday afternoon, missionary kids and kids at heart gather at the Warren house; everyone either brings a poem or comes five minutes early to pick one from their many poetry books. We take turns reading our selections and then enjoy yummy treats. 

Lizz was excited to use the ceramic teapot she got for her birthday. The hand painted design is inspired by a traditional campo scene.

The rest of my day was what I'd call spontaneous. 

The biggest Poetry Teatime crowd we've had in some time migrated to the street for a Mother May I?-like game. I had flip-flops on so my first inclination was to stand on the sidelines and watch, but I made the snap decision to play barefoot instead. 

Somehow, I found myself still around long after all the kids whose last name isn't Warren had been picked up. These days, I'm often at the Warrens' until curfew (currently in effect until 11/12) beckons me to either leave or spend the night, and they haven't kicked me out yet...instead, they (again) graciously invited me to stay for dinner. It wasn't quite ready, so we made it an impromptu Jeopardy! night to pass the time. A small group of us has a somewhat new tradition of watching Jeopardy! reruns on Netflix in the Warrens' living room - usually planned at least a few days in advance, but not always. You never have to ask me twice to watch the TV show I miss most from the US, though.

After dinner, in the middle of episode three, I got a rare phone call. It was a member of February's Peru short-term team calling to see if I was free to Zoom with her and a few others who had assembled to work on a Dorcas Guild presentation for next week. Within half an hour, we were laughing and reminiscing about our pre-pandemic last hurrah.  

It made my night and maybe my week! I'm hopeful that soon the entire team, plus my missionary cohosts Courtney and Jamielynn (and potentially the Peru church planting team!?) can have a Zoom reunion. 

Until next time, blessings!