On the 6th Day of Christmas...

...someone gave to me the worst Christmas gift ever: COVID-19 (yes, I'm fully vaccinated). 

Before I realized I had it, I enjoyed a few days in the capital, beginning with a confirmation at Iglesia Luterana Pan de Vida. The highlight was a live production of Lin Manuel Miranda's musical-turned-movie In the Heights

Wednesday night (12/29) when I got home, I couldn't taste my dinner. I was also stuffed up to the point I could barely breathe through my nose by then, but when I couldn't taste Thursday's breakfast, either, I ventured to Laboratorio Clínico García & García.

Unsurprisingly: POSITIVO. 

Commence isolation: reading, Netflix, naps, a virtual church service, and eventually working some and even jogging in place to get some steps in toward the end. On Friday, I woke up feeling better, and from then on, I was virtually asymptomatic. Against my will thanks to my neighbors' blaring bachata, I was up until past midnight on NYE to ring in 2022. 

Last Tuesday, I tested NEGATIVO! Relatively speaking, I had a speedy recovery with no professional medical care needed, although I still can't fully smell and taste. It's an inexplicably awful sensation. I refuse to dwell on guilt and regret and shoulda woulda couldas, yet I'm deeply sorry for inadvertently exposing or infecting anyone. I'm also deeply grateful for the friends and family near and far who checked in daily, prayed fervently for me, and dropped off necessities. I can't get the booster shot I'd planned on getting on Friday for another week yet...but maybe now I won't have a reaction?!?

Until next time, blessings!