Book It

I can think of two specific instances recently in which I thoroughly confused someone by bringing up something happening more than a month away. Unless it's for Christmas (c.f. the below photo), Dominicans don't, as a general rule, plan that far in advance. 

As a Volunteer Coordinator, though, I live in the future. Even as I put the finishing touches on things for the week I just spent with these lovely humans (more on the Hageman team soon), I continued to plan for future teams and even life after the last "back" in my current back-to-back-to-back-to-back marathon. 

By way of life update, and to give you an idea of the never-ending variety that is my life, I share with you...

Things I've Booked in the Past 2(ish) Weeks

1. Tickets (x10) to Huaca Pucllana [October 15], an Incan ruins site located in the city of Lima. I've been someplace similar on the outskirts of town a couple times now, so I'm using an upcoming short-term team of nine as guinea pigs to test out a new-to-me cultural activity (and onsite restaurant!). We're also going to Museo Larco; it'll be my first time there, too. 

2. A trip to Belize [November 4-12] for a FORO, followed immediately by the 2022 Volunteer Coordinators' Conference. After meeting in Eurasia in 2019 and 2021, it's LAC's turn to host this group that works to develop resources and refine processes that engage the Church in international mission. When I found out that Belize's mission partners would be gathering the weekend before, it was a no-brainer to go early. 

3. A 3.5 day Pico Duarte trek [December 27-30] with missionary friends and colleagues Tirzah and Ashley! Summitting the 10,374 ft. highest peak in the Caribbean has been on my bucket list ever since I conquered Machu Picchu, so instead of just talking about it I'm finally doing it. We'll have a guide, pack mules, rented equipment, etc. Rest assured I'll be packing everything warm that I own. 

As the Hageman team's Saturday arrival neared, so did Tropical Depression 07 (aka Tropical Storm Fiona aka Hurricane Fiona). To keep from fretting over how it might negatively affect things, I baked these beauties and shared them with missionaries and students on Thursday aka Community Day at the seminary. Is it weird to use cookies to bake cookies? 

They're as delectable as they look, but my attempt failed: Thursday night I had the missionary equivalent of that dream where you show up to class and there's a test you didn't study for. Spoiler alert: nothing nearly that catastrophic happened, but nevertheless not one but TWO Hageman posts are headed your way soon. Fiona needs her own!

Until next time, blessings in Christ!