Oh, bebê!

Aaaaaaaand that's a wrap on January!?! The last week FLEW by with an incredible short-term team from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. In the days leading up to their arrival, I was truthfully excited and felt ready - much more ready than I had for the Venezuela FORO and FPH conference (which of course made me think I was forgetting about a bazillion things). As they made their way to SDQ from EWR, though, I was partying. 

Dominicans don't need much reason to celebrate with cake and balloons, so you better believe they pulled out all the stops to welcome José William, the as yet unborn son of Brazilian Alliance missionaries Rev. Lucas & Agatha. Church ladies from Lucas's congregation in Santo Domingo - including my expat friend Kelsey - did most of the heavy lifting, assisted by Tirzah on the Santiago side (a couple carloads of made the 2 1/2 hr. trip Saturday morning to be there). I drove down Friday night to help Kelsey with whatever, which turned out to be running errands, testing markers, making a sash, and dreaming up games that could be played in two languages and involved only things she had around the house. 

Instead of just buying diapers and wrapping them, I decided to make a "diaper cake" iced with washcloths, a nose bulb, and baby nail clippers. Why am I like this? 

Lucas started us off with a meditation on Psalm 139 and two songs about the joy of the Lord from Himnario Luterano

Next, the mic was open for anyone to say a few words about Agatha or share their parenting wisdom. 

Game time!
1. Hot "potato" (balloon) - Agatha won!
2. Clothespin drop. 
3. Over/under relay race. 

There was also a diaper decorating table out the entire time for people to make middle-of-the-night diaper changes more fun by drawing pictures or writing witty messages, Bible verses, etc. 

After lunch (quipesempanadas, finger sandwiches, cut fruit & veggies, chips, and a charcuterie board), we gathered 'round to watch Agatha open presents before dessert. 

Me, two of the deaconess from Lucas's church, and fellow missionary Kathy (visiting from Mexico). 

Speaking of dessert, I grabbed a plate and ran! The church is ~15 min. from the airport, and the shower started at 11:00. I thought I'd have time to kill before the team's 3:20 flight, but instead, I watched United bump it earlier and earlier and wound up ducking out as soon as the cake was cut. I know, I know, they'd still have to clear immigration, customs, and baggage claim, but I like to BE there just in case. And so it was that about an hour later, I had 15 little chicks of my own to corral and keep safe and warm (cool?) and fed all week, but more on them soon enough. William, as Lucas & Agatha's little one will be dubbed, is due in late Feb (his daddy's birthday is 2/27...), and I hope he knows he has lots of built-in tías who can't wait to snuggle him!

Until next time, blessings in Christ!