I'm grounded! I sent my passport off to be renewed on Monday. I don't have plans to leave the country again until August 25 (short-term team in Jamaica), but even if I wanted to, I couldn't. It's unsettling, and I'm not a fan. 

My passport is valid for 4+ more years, but when TWO immigration agents comment on how full it is and the second proceeds to stamp this page...!

I started Googling the renewal process while I waited for my bags at SDQ Saturday morning and did a fuller investigation once I'd made it home that night. I spent the weekend thinking I'd need to make a trip to one of the consular agencies in the DR and prepared to snag the first available appointment, but when I called the Puerto Plata branch Monday morning, I learned there's no longer an in-person requirement. I filled out an online application and printed it, paid online and printed the confirmation, and attached two of the extra photos from last time I'd had headshots taken for my DR residency renewal. Then it was off to the nearest Domex location, about 15 min. from my house. 

Based on everything I've read and heard from missionaries who recently completed the process, it's hassle-free and takes three weeks or less. A few extra prayers wouldn't hurt, though ;) 

This is...less than reassuring, but the State Department's website says updates may not be available for up to two weeks following submission. 

Obviously I'm hoping delays in the renewal process don't affect my hectic fall travel schedule, but I'm also kind of dreading all the things I'll need to update once my new "big book" comes: bank account, traveler agency traveler profile, store loyalty cards...SO many things when you live abroad!

Until next time, blessings in Christ!