Home is Where the Heart is

The day after we got back from Chihuahua, my parents and sister arrived in town for the week. My brother had work and the final for his summer class and the church league softball playoffs of he would have come too. Both of my parents have been to YLM multiple times, but it was my sister's first trip down here. They were going to come down as a part of the St. Paul's group but that fell through, then they were going to lead another St. Paul's group but that fell through too, so it was just the 3 of them. They took advantage of that to work shorter days than normal until my sister, aka the boss, was tired--generally around 2ish--but we did a LOT of drywalling and taping and mudding and sanding and sanding and more sanding and painting on the Ruiz home, and now we have essentially reached a stopping point except for drywalling the vaulted ceiling until they can get the electricity and plumbing hooked up. Chris's parents, who got here on Tuesday for the board meeting on Saturday, even joined us for a couple days. We also played a lot of my sister's favorite card game and went to $1 scoop night at Baskin Robbins, a Diablos baseball game, and scenic drive. My sister commandeered Dad's camera for the week so there were TONS of pictures of everything; here's some good ones and a few of mine too:

We started off the week on Saturday night with Chris's smoked brisket and pork loin. Yum!

Sunday we tagged along with the other group that was here for church in Anapra--Kara can say she's been to a foreign country now. After the service we handed out some stuff that had been donated by St. Paul's members: tennis balls, McDonald's toys, costume jewelry, and Tootsie Pops.

This little girl was named Tanya, and after we had already made friends with her, we realized that's who the other group was building a house for all week.

OK I guess it's about time to get to work now...

Apparently my hidden talent is cutting for electrical boxes.

After sanding a coat mud that a previous group had done, Dad decided it would be a good idea to not let people mud until they have sanded. Kara disagreed...she didn't like sanding!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this drill. Me and normal drills do not get along and I can never sink drywall screws all the way, but with this thing I could even do the ceiling!!! I think I seriously might put one on my Christmas list.

However, I usually sat on the floor to get the ones at the bottom and wound up looking like this all week!

Advantage #1 of being small: you get to climb in the attic to help Chris nail in the other side of the drywall nailers.

Advantage #2: You get to climb on the little shelf thingee above the front door to tell Chris where the boards are as he nails in some more drywall nailers from outside the house.

Advantage #3: You win the job of fixing all the insulation that fell down because it wasn't stapled all the way!

Like father, like daughter!

Rocio and Alexandra, the girls who are going to live here, wanted to help paint their rooms...and apparently each other.

Chris, Kara, the chicken (the verdict is still out as to why the Diablos--"Devils" mascot is a chicken...), and I. They won 8-4 or something like that.

We picked a good night for scenic drive!

Kara and I...check out my awesome sock tan. I'll be sure and have my aunt alter my dress so it's long enough to cover that!

Mis padres y yo.

Off to play some tennis with Chris for the first time in ages and let Kristine take the group to church in Mexico by herself on her last Sunday here...she leaves on Saturday :( Until next time, blessings!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for a great week. We are checking into the Thanksgiving invitation and how that might work out. Love the pictures from the scenic drive.
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed meeting your family last week.
ps I will post a comment on a certain person's blog when it is updated.