Wedding #1

I am in the middle of doing a lot of traveling--Chihuahua City, Colorado, home, Colorado again--and 2 of my trips were/are wedding related. The second wedding I am leaving for on Monday; the first Chris and I just got back from this past Sunday. It was his sister Stefanie's, on August 15th, and because there were no groups the week of the 8th-15th, we got to spend a little downtime in Colorado although we did have to arrange things such as airport pickup and meals for the group from Canada that arrived the day of the wedding.

Much of the week was consumed doing wedding-y things like double-checking the seating chart, putting programs together, and taking Chris to get his tux (3 times!!!), but we also slept in, read, made Chris's special chile rellenos, went to the outlet malls in Castle Rock, went to a Rockies game--the worst one under their new manager, go figure--and went to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Here are some pictures from Garden of the Gods and some from the rehearsal dinner/wedding too, which I might add was beautiful. Of course there are more on the photographer's website,

Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Landmark. It's a bunch of weird-looking rock formations, some of which have names like this one (the Kissing Camels), and you can hike around on various trails or rock climb if you get a permit. The park got its name because between the 2 guys who discovered it, one thought it would be a good place for a beer garden, and the other thought it was "fit for the gods."

The 3 Graces.

The last time we went to Colorado I got my sister a deck of playing cards featuring various scenes from Colorado and this is one of them!

I knew my muscles got bigger this summer...

At the summit of the last trail we hiked, which was supposed to make you feel like you were up among the rocks.

The MAN and the bridesmaids at the rehearsal dinner.

I'm glad my dress for Marie's wedding is floor length so you won't see my sock tan!

I liked how you could see the Capitol building through the bubbles everyone got as Mike and Stef exited the church.

Mr. and Mrs. DeMonbrun.

The whole bridal party, minus the flower girl and ring bearer.

Chris laughed when the photographer told the guys to jump off the ledge.

How many bridesmaids does it take to hold up Stef's veil?

Chris and his sister in front of the Brown Palace, Denver's oldest hotel where the reception was, with the city in the background.

Note to self for Marie's wedding: DON'T FORGET PHILIP'S RING!!! (Yes, Stef's maid of honor forgot Mike's ring so they did the exchange at the reception!!!)

Cutting the cake...they were nice and didn't shove it in each other's faces. You can't really tell from the picture but all the black dots on the sides are edible pictures of them.

It was freezing so Chris was chivalrous and gave me his jacket.

You can't even really see Chris in this picture, I was just proud of catching the garter in mid-air ;)

Please keep me in your prayers as I travel to wedding #2 on Monday, and keep Marie and her fiance Philip in your prayers as well as they enter their final week of preparations. Also pray for the mission's finances...things are especially tight around here this month but we are trusting that God will sustain us as he has for the past 27 years.

Until next time, blessings!


Anonymous said…
In your picture of holding that rock up. I will like to direct your attention to the kid in the background who is actually holding the rock up.

I'll see you Monday! Travel safe!

-Your brother
Anonymous said…
Love the sock tan, it will look great with you dress and shoes. You are so not strong. See you Monday.

-Love You
Unknown said…
I love how in the pic of the garter toss, your caption makes it seem like you caught the garter when in reality you meant you captured it in the picture! Awesome I'm so excited to see you on thursday, you literally have no freaking idea how excited i am!!!!!!
tchrchill said…
Hey, Erin! Have a safe trip to beautiful Missouri (see Chris' blog comment from me) and remember that Marie owns you from the moment you arrive. Tell your family hello for Ken and I. Blessings, Carol (You know, Chris's mom :-))