So I had a thought over the weekend, or rather, a thought that I have had several times in the past reoccurred to me: I might go to Chicago for a conference the first weekend in June. The conference is called I.D.I.O.M., which stands for In-Depth Investigation Of Mission, and it is sponsored by Lutheran Bible Translators. It is strongly encouraged for anyone interested in Bible translation (aka ME!), and I have actually wanted to go for quite some time but the dates in past years have never worked out. This year, however, there happens to be a nice opening on the SE calendar (well, I would leave the day before one servant event leaves--but they will just be sightseeing--and get back the same day that another potential one arrives...but close enough). It's also completely free, minus getting myself to Chicago. I started putzing around the other day and it looks like I can find a direct flight for around $200, which seemed pretty reasonable to me...


Please keep me in your prayers as I decide and if you have any advice, send it my way! The registration deadline is May 19!

Until next time, blessings!


tchrchill said…
I say GO! If we're the "potential group", well no worries, cuz we could take care of ourselves. So go, learn, and come back before we leave (if we're there)!
Unknown said…
Sounds very cool Erin! I will keep you in my prayers! I've been trying to keep up on YLM by reading what I can. Jan and I are doing a little presentation for our youth ages 3-10 years next Wed. We'll be talking about our trip to YLM and showing pictures. I think the kids will like all of the pictures of all of the kids! I would love to come in August for the Spanish Class! Add it to my prayers. Stay well! In Him, Kristen