Spring has sprung!

So I know it's spring according to the calendar everywhere now, but it's definitely spring according to the weathermen in El Paso--70 plus degree days are quickly becoming the norm. It was especially gorgeous out (well, minus the wind) on Friday when Kristine, who was here visiting for the week, Chris, and I had to pour the concrete slab I mentioned in my previous post; the sun and warmth almost made up for the fact that we had to spend our Friday pouring a slab. Honestly though, we didn't have to work all that hard since the people the lady had been telling us all week were going to help her actually showed up. The "pretty girls" did have one job though:

Since the families usually pour the slabs, and I consequently don't usually have any pictures of that part of the process, here is what the whole scene looked like:

It seriously was pretty fascinating to watch since I would have had no idea where to even start, and I got to see with my own eyes that if they're done RIGHT, they really are FLAT!

So flat I was willing to sign my name to our work!

Look Michigan State! Chris was totally doing the Flat Slab Happy Dance yesterday when we started building...not when there were any cameras around though.

While I'm on the topic of spring, I had to include these last 2 pics for my mom. Irises are her favorite and they are blooming right outside my house right now. The funny thing is that I didn't even know they were there until a few days ago!

Until next time, blessings!


Anonymous said…
Nice iris's, mine are only about 4-6 inches tall, no where near blooming. Keep that nice weather, see you in a couple of weeks.
Love MOM