Fixer-uppers from Fremont

This morning I was up at 6 to take the group from Trinity Lutheran in Fremont, NE, to the airport. Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but if you want to come in the middle of April, you can come whenever you want, too! They spent their week at Iglesia Luterana San Lucas in Anapra, doing something that we are always in need of groups to do: repairs and renovations. Most groups that choose to work across the border do so for the intimate relational aspect of building a house for a family (not that there's anything wrong with that), but meanwhile, our mission buildings on both sides of the border are falling apart. Thusly, we were thrillled that Trinity was so willing to do whatever. Repair work is more difficult to schedule and budget for on our end since most of the projects were things that popped up during the week and we wound up at Lowe's almost every day, but the group still felt like they accomplished a ton and that is what matters. How could they now when we figure they went through about 30 gallons of paint!!! We didn't go to the Sunday service at San Lucas, but I wish I could have seen everyone's faces when they walked into their church--half of them probably thought they were at the wrong place! Take a look...

A BEFORE picture of the showers, scraped free of paint and debris and ready for new tile.

New siding on the front. The equivalent of this section of the building on the back side got new siding too.

This was what we didn't finish of the exterior painting with the group from Bella Vista Lutheran Church last January...Trinity tackled that and decided to give the entire exterior a much needed fresh coat too!

Jon spreading tile mortar.

Hey St. John's, West Bend--you know who to thank after you stay here in a couple weeks! There are shower panels now too.

Lois modeling our innovative paintbrush extension handle. She really wanted to stand on that roof in the lower left of the photo, but seeing as how she just turned 77 and you woudn't catch me dead standing on that roof, no one would let her. I hope I can quote her when I'm 77 though: "I just wish you would have let me on the roof!"

Garry working on the aforementioned siding around back.

Kathy modeling her beautifully (half) painted window grate.

The black Rustoleum looks awesome against the bright white, but painting them was a tedious job.

Me peeking out from behind the new door Chris and I hung in the little room off of the old sanctuary. The toilet in there works now too!

It was nice having Big G there for a couple days since there were multiple projects happening at once.

The side of the church that faces Calle Pez Aguja BEFORE...

...and AFTER! Tammy decided that the rusty propane tank needed painting too!

The bush outside that Panchis said is a pomegranate bush had pretty flowers on it. She also said the pomegranates will be ready in about July.

Perhaps the building behind the sanctuary that is going to become a daycare center in June is a potential future project?

New friends Jicsel and Yovaneli; they stopped by every day after school to help. Certain group members bonded with them especially well since they were the same ages, respectively, as the gradeschool clases they had "adopted" as prayer partners for the trip.

Rita is off on the group brought fried chicken for lunch!

Sunday afternoon was dedicated to sightseeing. I was struggling to come up with ideas of places I thought they would like, until Krysia suggested Old Mesilla. It's a quaint town in NM, about an hour away, that dates back to the 1800's. The plaza in the center of town is lined with souvnir shops, craft boutiques, sidewalk cafes (one of which boasts the world's largest green chile cheeseburger, and another of which is rumored to be haunted), etc. It was packed and there was live music too...Elvis lives!

The square is home to the Basilica de San Albino, which was erected in the 1860's if I remember right. I also read on a plaque that the church bells were cast locally.

Back to work on Monday, painting the men's bathroom Light Sage. The color of choice for the women's? Peachy Keen!

The congregation made us a potluck lunch, so we had an army of helpers. They made a mess of the white paint, but they had a great time doing it!

A group picture of everyone looking nice before going out to dinner for Lois's birthday celebration.

Until next time, blessings!


tchrchill said…
Nicely (and quickly) done! The photos are great, and I know there will be many groups thankful for the shower redo at Anapra.