Mommy n' Me

For several months there had been a medical clinic from my home church, St. Paul's-Des Peres, on the servant event calendar; one of the people who signed up to go was my mom! Unfortunately the clinic wound up canceling, but my mom still decided to come hang out in El Paso for a few days. She didn't really have anything she wanted to specifically see or do; I think mainly she just wanted to get away from it all, and who could blame her? It's pretty unlike both her and I to have absolutely NOTHING scheduled or planned, but it wound up being a very relaxing visit. We lounged around and read a lot, watched some Cardinals baseball, played lots of Phase-10 (which was nice since Chris HATES that game with a passion), went shopping, hit a tennis ball around at the park a couple times (I didn't even know my mom liked tennis to be honest) and just enjoyed the good weather in general, layed tile and installed cove base in Chris's bathroom, barbecued one night, and yeah...that's pretty much it. A small part of me wished the clinic had still come, but for the most part I think we just enjoyed spending one-on-one time together--a rare occurrence especially with no strings attached!

While she was on a plane home and I was waiting for her to call and tell me she had landed safely in STL, I decided to tackle a project that I am a little ashamed to say was still on my plate: filing medical forms! Basically whenever St. Paul's does a medical clinic, they have each patient fill out a health history form which is subsequently used to record what ailment they were treated for and how. These are filed alphabetically in 3-ring binders and stored for future reference. The last time St. Paul's sent a clinic team--well, part of one anyhow--was February 2009, and when they left they asked me to take care of the filing that they hadn't had a chance to do. I suppose it really didn't need to be done until the next time St. Paul's sends a clinic down which is going to be who knows when, but I was tired of looking at the boxes of binders and stacks of loose papers in the corner of my cubicle so I had a filing marathon...14 months later...oops! I think Freddy wanted to help me...

Until next time, blessings!


tchrchill said…
Freddy looks really SMART in this picture, with all that paperwork around him. Glad to hear you and your mom had a good time.