Merry Christmas from Texas, y'all

I'm actually in Missouri, but you get the idea ;)

'Tis the season for sharin'
And the reason for carin'
Is the baby that was born upon this day
With our family and friends
We're together again
Celebratin' his birth down Texas way

Merry Christmas from Texas, y'all
Where we hang the mistletoe and deck the 'ole dance hall
May that big Lone Star shine on you from afar
Merry Christmas from Texas, y'all

Well the kids are up early
'Cus they're in such a hurry
To see what is underneath the tree
Later we're sayin' grace
And fixin' our plates
Sittin' down to watch the Cowboys on TV


When the company leaves
And the children fall asleep
Surrounded by the toys that Santa brought
Now that Texas moon is bright
Against the silent night
Peace on earth and goodwill to all


From South Padre up to Pampa
El Paso to Texarkana
Merry Christas from Texas, y'all!

--Tracy Byrd


Anonymous said…
I wrote that song with Doug Nichols. I'm glad you like it! Merry Christmas, Clint Bullard.
Anonymous said…
Thanks "missionaryMAC" for this posting it's the only place I could find the lyrics! And THANKS Clint for mentioning my daughter's adopted hometown, Texarkana, in the tag! Very few songs mention it == hope I can find an MP3 of it to put on my iphone and also to make a ringtone of it. (Her other ringtone is "Eastbound and Down" by Jerry Reed.) No way am I gonna assign her "All my exes live in Texas" even though that too mentions Texarkana.