Washing in a Winter Wonderland!

I feel like I have done lots of noteworthy things since my last post.

--Chris and I made the first of many Lowe's trips in preparation for Mayer Lutheran High School's arrival--70 2 x 4's.

--I spent 4 hours at the urgent care for them to do a throat culture, inform me that I had strep AGAIN, and give me an antibiotic injection! Good thing I had Harry Potter with me...

--Chris and I met with some representatives from a group that is probably coming in June to help fix up YLM building #4, which has been sitting empty since a fire in April 2009. The plan that is finally set in stone is this: turn the half where the fire started into the thrift store for improved street visibility/access, keep the other half (mainly smoke damaged) as an apartment, and turn the current thrift store into classroom space.
--I spontaneously went to Vista Hills Family Dental with Pastor Heimer and Damian to pick up a donation of 1500 kits containing toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss! They have a bunch of YLM staff members as patients and have thusly been very supportive of our work in the community.

--Chris and I went to Lowe's again for the last of the 2 x 4's. One of the loaders was pretty impressed that I stacked 70 (I actually only had 60 the first time around when I thought I had 70 so we had to go back for 10 more...)of them on the cart all by myself.

--I went with Pastor Heimer to Dona Lupe Cafe for the December Thrivent board meeting/new member breakfast. Starting in January, I'll be assuming his former position as Activities Director. I didn't follow a lot of what was going on, but there will be an orientation for me and the other newbie at the January meeting, which I think is going to be January 8. The president gave everybody there a poinsettia (I donated mine to San Pablo) and a jar of homemade apple butter as a thank-you/Christmas present!
--Chris and I made another Lowe's run for some 2 x 4 x 12's. It kind of took forever because the whole town was out doing their Christmas shopping so traffic was insane, then there were people getting the kind we wanted when we got there, then we had to wait for them to get a new bundle down so we could have some straight ones. But we ran into the guys we met with on Friday morning, who were pricing some materials so they could finalize their budget!
--I washed my car! Yes, you read the date on this post correctly, it's December 13. But it was far from a winter wonderland...try about 70 degrees. Everyone kept asking me if I thought it was summer--when's the last time it was 70 in El Paso in the summer???

--I made homemade buttermilk biscuits for breakfast!
--Chris and I went to Lowe's.
--Chris and I went to Lowe's again.
--Chris and I went to Lowe's AGAIN!

That brings you up to date. This week I am finishing up some odds and ends in the office, coming up with a good Final Jeopardy question for the game I made for my sister's 13th birthday party sleepover the day I get home, trying to finish the 5th Harry Potter book so I don't have to lug 2 of them home, etc.

Sep-Dec 2011 servant event registration opens on Wednesday, which is the same day that January 2011 Conversations in Spanish registration closes. Currently there are only 2 people signed up, with one more that I know of planning to sign up. I THINK we will have to cancel with less than 5...so tell anyone you know of who may be interested that time is running out! Here is a downloadable brochure: http://www.missionaryinstitute.org/spanishbrochure.htm.

Until next time, Advent blessings! Today's Bible verse on my Advent calendar is Luke 1:31-33: "You shall bear a son...Jesus...Son of the Most High...and his reign shall be without end."