Mondays ≠ Good for Sightseeing in El Paso

After learning that Mondays are not good for tourism in El Paso, we had a pretty fun day anyhow. We stayed in town, which saved us a van rental and several hours' driving that no one was really excited about. Our day started off with Slurpees from the 7-11 with a gigantic mural of the Virgin of Guadalupe:

Even though there were no guided tours, Hueco Tanks was our 2nd stop. I had been told that the self-guided tour (aka free reign of about 1/3 of the park) was kind of lame, but it totally wasn't:


The desert in bloom...


We were high enough up on North Mountain to clearly see the other 2: East Mountain and West Mountain.

Ian and I "climbing."

Squeezing out of a pretty tight crawl space!

At the summit of North Mountain!

Graffito from 1853!

Straight out of a western movie!

Stop #3: Lunch at Smokey's BBQ. For future reference--do NOT order the buffet. Stop #4: The Texas Store. I like it when groups elect to go places that I myself have never been! It's a little place on Gateway East chock full of hokey souvenirs, but I did make one purchase, a Texas-shaped cookie cutter!

Until next time, blessings!