Loop de Loop

In addition to piling, purging, and packing, I could add a 4th "P" to what I've been up to in these few weeks without really being on the road: planning. Although I have a trip starting this weekend that will take me to Williamsburg, VA, and Cullman, AL, most of my energies have been focused on the loop in the Google Maps screenshot below. It all starts July 7 and involves three one-way flights and a rental car that I'm picking up at the airport in Cleveland and returning in Denver. (Speaking of which, has anyone else never heard of "drop fees"?!?) It seemed a little bit scattered initially but eventually came together like I knew it would; I'm just waiting to hear back on some lodging inquiries for the IA/NE legs.

Two items of note:

  • Ignore the bubble that says "67 h" since air travel will cut down on that significantly! The 4,468 mile part should be more or less accurate, although...
  • I had to fudge my actual itinerary when Google told me I had reached the maximum number of destinations, so don't be offended if your city isn't specifically called out 😂

Until next time, blessings!