A Closing Opening Celebration

At the risk of this getting lost in the frenzy of Friday's fender bender and its aftermath, my rear wasn't the only thing that got ended over the weekend. Friday was the 5th and final day of the Campamento in Palmar, but all week, we had been encouraging the kids to come to church on Sunday, together with their parents, for what I'll call a closing celebration. In actuality, I hope we were celebrating an opening, or many openings - of hearts to the Holy Spirit, so that the great faith exemplified in each day's hero might be created and nurtured in each child who came and his or her household.

Thursday's craft turned into a path to the cross as each child laid his or her footprints next in line during closing. 

Each day had a different Bible memory verse. I was amazed at the kids' recall abilities as we reviewed all of the previous ones each day and as they recited all 5 on Sunday (video below!). 

We also practiced the song Justificados pues por fe so as to be able to perform it on Sunday (video below!). 

Reciting Juan 3:16

Singing Justificados pues por fe. 

Caitlin recognizing Jackie, Mella, and Carmen, Palmar's deaconesses...

...and all volunteers who were present, even though SHE was the real mastermind and driving force. 

Caitlin, the deaconesses, and Pastor Preus presented certificates + Arch Books to kids with perfect attendance, and participation certificates + cross necklaces + candy to all the kids. 

The perfect attenders :)

Having neglected to send a flyer home as planned, my expectations as to how many kids, and especially parents, we'd have on Sunday was low. The chancel-full blew me away, to be quite honest. While most of the kids came on their own or were related to one of the volunteers, a handful did bring parents who don't normally come. So as to avoid welcoming them as visitors if they happened to be long lost members, they were introduced by their children. 

Until next time, blessings!

P.S. Thanks for your prayers on behalf of my impending car repairs! I went to the dealership this morning for a parts estimate and had them quote the labor as well, I thought just for kicks and giggles. It was less than the body shop (parts are their bread and butter, so they install them for cheap)! Since parts would come from there sí o sí, I signed on the dotted line for them to do the whole job and Ubered home. Everything was in stock, so it might be done before I leave for Peru.