Jesus, Our Hero

It had been several years since the last one, but the deaconesses in Palmar wanted to do VBS. So, with summer's usual skeleton crew of missionaries and a wishy-washy group of women and teens from the church, missionary deaconess Caitlin Ramirez is leading the charge and doggone it, we're doing VBS this week!

The theme is "Jesus, our Hero." Each day, we're learning about a different biblical figure that was heroic not on account of grandiose exploits, but rather because of his or her unwavering faith. So far, we've covered David, Hannah, and the three men in the fiery furnace. 

Don't mind me, I'm just on the floor back there making some posters. Also, yes, mojitos DO help when furiously prepping until 11 pm on Sunday night. 

Snack helpers, including missionary kid Rebekah (left). 

Each day begins with a large group opening in the church. 

God > Goliath

Our rock star director leading a song about the telephone we use to talk to God: prayer. 

Reading from today's Arch® Book, El horno en llamas

After cycling through 4 activity stations, everyone gathers right back where we started for chapel. Most of the kids are not regular church attenders, so we're trying to teach them what it means to be in God's house. 

I'm throwin' it back to my earliest days as a VBS helper by being the craft lady.  

Numbers don't tell the whole story, but they do tell a story. We bought and prepped snacks, crafts, etc. - optimistically, we thought - for 30. Monday, we were blessed with 48, and Tuesday, including 20 bused over from Pueblo Nuevo, a whopping 82! Most come on their own, so our interaction with parents is minimal. Nevertheless, we've been telling the kids all week that they and their families are invited to worship on Sunday at 8 am; before the sharing of the peace, they'll recite a memory verse(s), sing a song(s), and be awarded participation certificates. Pray that the Holy Spirit uses our feeble efforts this week to kindle faith in many a heart and many a home, so that all might come to know Jesus, the most heroic Hero of all.

Until next time, blessings!