Have Your Cake and Believe it Too

I mentioned that short-term volunteer Krista Hahn is an amateur cake decorator. Cake, then, was an obvious contribution for her to make to last night's welcome BBQ for five of the six incoming seminary students (one is still in the throes of visa paperwork).

Her unassuming "How should we decorate the round one?" turned into five colors of icing and...

...Luther's rose!

We used a cool sprinkle technique on the sheet cake. Here, I'm tracing the letters in the Spanish word for "Welcome!" before piping over them with alternating red and blue icing. 

Needless to say, they were a hit. 

Ways you can pray for the guests of honor who'll begin their pastoral formation on Tuesday: 
  • thanksgiving for the safe arrival of the five new students who are already in-country;
  • for expedited processing of the one remaining student's visa paperwork; 
  • for all new students as they transition and get settled in the DR in the coming weeks; and 
  • for diligence and persistence in their studies for all new and returning students. 
Until next time, blessings!


Flossinmom said…
You are amazing Erin! I loved every minute decorating these delightful cakes with you.