The Spa Treatment

Not pictured: the rolled up fleece blanket topped with a sprig of purple orchids that was on the chair when I walked into the dentist's office yesterday.

I went to the dentist here in February, to a place that came highly recommended. I was satisfied but not blown away. Shortly before the regional conference, I mentioned offhand to fellow missionary Jana that I needed to make a six-month checkup appointment. She started raving about a place she'd gone, Dental Cibao Spa, but honestly, she could have stopped when she said they had the aforementioned blankets in case you got cold. I was sold.

My appointment was yesterday and did not disappoint. From the ample natural lighting to the soothing music to the Vaseline they rubbed on my lips - twice - to the moist, perfumed towelette they laid across my nose and upper lip, I felt pampered the whole time. Getting my teeth deep cleaned was a bonus.

Krista came with me and loved geeking out over each new tool & treatment. I also have her to thank for the pic and video. I'm looking forward to going to my longtime dentist in St. Louis when I'm there in December, but I'll be back at the Spa for sure. I didn't even need the blanket!

Until next time, blessings!