Channeling My Inner Grade Schooler

I'm supposed to be in Peru right now in between two short-term teams, and the first native Peruvian Lutheran pastor was supposed to have been ordained yesterday. At least, I had an extended trip to Lima, with an unprecedented ordination as its climax, penciled in on my calendar. Evidently God had other plans and I have no doubt that on the love seat in my living room in Santiago is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now, but it's still disappointing. 

Instead, I've been channeling my inner grade schooler: playing with puppets, cutting shapes out of construction paper, and having a 100th day party. Also, I can stay out past 8 pm now. Gasp! For the first time since I don't even remember when, there is NO curfew. Not that there's anywhere to go...

My missionary friend Kate & I helped another missionary friend, Deac. Caitlin, record a puppet show for an upcoming presentation she's co-leading ("Mission Moments for Kids"). Caitlin's husband Jeancarlos was our cameraman. 

Kate came over afterwards to help me hang a tapestry I got in Peru in...November 🙈 Yes, it has cats on it!

Crafts have been my VBS jam since I was a teen helper, so I was in my element helping Caitlin, missionary wife/mom Clarion, and Sem wife Yudaimy (both deaconess students!) plan for an August VBS at Iglesia Luterana Pueblo Nuevo by brainstorming craft ideas, making samples, and proofreading the instructions. Kids will pick up a Ziploc bag of supplies and an instruction sheet each day. Freddy helped me make the sample pictured, to reinforce day 3's "Jesus lives!" message as recounted by the two men on the road to Emmaus. 

Today is day 104. Counting backwards, that means Thursday was day 100. Consequently, Friday's spaghetti dinner at my house turned into an impromptu celebration, complete with 100 half ounces of wine (aka 2 bottles), 100 carrot sticks, 100 apple slices, 100 pieces of cereal, 100 peanuts, 100 more peanuts (it's really not that many!), 100 Goldfish, and 100 cookie bars. 

I'm not sure if we were celebrating 100 days, or surviving 100 days, but I love all of these people, so it's really neither here nor there. 

As businesses continue their return to normal operations, I'm determined to make this a productive week. My car's in the shop getting the locks changed as we speak...hoping for a call soon saying it's ready...and I'm going back to the dental spa on Friday!

Until next time, blessings!