Phase 2

Happy Saturday (day 81), friends. 

Sometimes, my blog posts merit an apology due to photo overload. This one merits the opposite. You've already seen much of what has graced my computer screen during COVID-19, but I can think of at least three virtual engagements within the past week or so that I regret not snapping a photo of:
  • A six-week life workshop for LAC missionaries that wrapped up on the last Friday in May. 
  • Scattergories: I finagled this into a format that works well on Zoom and have played 3x now with family and friends. 
  • ST Coordinators Game "Night": A few hours ago, most of my fellow Volunteer Coordinators and I had a virtual game "night" (with people on multiple continents, an actual game night would be the middle of the night for some!). We played three different Jackbox games: Quiplash, Fibbage, and Drawful. 
(I'm sensing a theme here, but I actually learned of another virtual game (Sporcle Party) that I'm excited to try, hopefully soon.)

I did manage to capture the following images worth sharing: 

Last Saturday, my home congregation ordained and installed a new pastor, Rev. Tanner Wade!

Encouraged by her fellow LAC ladies, Yoxandris Maita, wife of Rev. Sergio serving in Santo Domingo, DR, led a Zoom flower tutorial on Monday evening. She has more up her sleeve, so there's another session planned for this Monday. 

An empty camera roll does not mean, however, that I'm not keeping busy. There are symposia to recap, project narratives to write, partnerships to explore, virtual service opportunities to flesh out, professionalism to develop (watch these videos - you won't regret it), and hurricanes (well, let's hope not) to help the DR congregations prep for. That last one has been a learning experience for two Midwestern girls, let me tell you. 

Perhaps most notable since my last post is the DR's on-schedule transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2. As re-opening progresses, I'm sensing more and more freedom in terms of being in the company of other missionaries and running errands. Grocery shopping is no longer a big production that I have to psych myself up for, and my typical morning outings to the botanical garden have been reinstated (when I remember to put my car in P before shutting the ignition off so it starts...don't ask). Phase 2 means that businesses can operate with a higher % of employees and...drumroll...that churches can hold activities one day per week! I cannot express my eagerness to gather with brothers and sisters in the faith in God's house tomorrow, eat of His body, and drink of His blood. Stay tuned for stories and musings from my first experience with in-person corporate worship in - count 'em - 12 weeks. 

Now though, there is Crock Pot pulled pork to shred, laundry to hang up, a newsletter to finalize, a book to read (library summer reading program pages logged to-date: 1,054)...

Until next time, blessings!