The Regional Team Goes to Panama

Greetings from sunny Peru. Of all the months I've been here, February might be my favorite. I landed at 1 am yesterday (no thanks to Avianca) straight off of two full weeks in Panama for three consecutive events. I'll go in order and start with a Regional Team Meeting

LAC's regional team is the circle of missionaries whose role extends beyond the borders of our Dominican HQ to provide support and direction for mission efforts in 13 countries. We meet weekly on Zoom and biannually in person: once in August in conjunction with our regional conference and once from a Tuesday to a Thursday...sometime in January or February...somewhere. We selected Panama this time around so team members could have the option of staying on to witness Sunday's sanctuary rededication at historic Redeemer Lutheran Church. 

I was mildly in awe the whole time that, after having seen the condition of the adjacent parsonage mere months prior, it could look and feel - there's A/C now - like THIS. The only thing missing was WiFi, but there's hotspots for that. 

We began and ended each day in the Word, then it was business as usual. Two jam-packed days - sample agenda items include a recruitment update, FORO process documentation, and an on-field orientation review work session - left the third exclusively for our three guest presenters (see below).  

I was one of numerous metaphorical cooks in the kitchen that helped get us all there, feed us, house us,  drive us, and entertain us on Friday...not the one, however, that lined up the delicious Panamanian lunches Deaconess Griselda (2nd from left) prepared us each meeting day. 

What happens when you're sitting next to the Rev. James Sharp and you leave your phone sitting on the table...

Above, the Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson (LCMS Disaster Response) demonstrates how to properly apply the tourniquet he carries with him at all times. Below, LCEF Real Estate Solutions' Tom Campbell and Andy Hesterman (not pictured) share about how their relatively new division might help extend the reach of LAC's 43 church plants. 

A few days into our stay, I finally opened the curtains of my hotel room for the first this view of the Bridge of the Americas. For all the traffic nightmares it causes, it's a sight to behold. 

Until next time, blessings in Christ!