Prayers and help needed

Friends of YLM--

Many of you who have been to the mission before may know Rita, the cook, and her family--sons Jon and Leo and daughter Diana. Chris and I unfortunately found out yesterday that her house (one of the buildings on the mission's campus) burned down. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Firefighters said that the fire was caused by some faulty wiring that Rita had noticed gave off sparks from time to time. The building itself is still standing and will be partially covered by insurance, but all of their possessions were lost. In addition, the family is thinking about cancelling Diana's quinceanera (giant 15th birthday party currently scheduled for May 1). Since Chris and I are in Colorado right now, they will sleep at our houses until we get back, or maybe shortly thereafter, but we don't yet know where they will go from there.

If you would like to help them out in their time of need, please contact me or Chris ((303)748-0950 or Financial contributions or donations of clothing, housewares, appliances, etc. would be appreciated. Please also keep the entire Ramos family in your prayers, as well as the mission as it copes with one less building and no gas for a few days while they figure out that there is no further damage anywhere. Also feel free to pass this on to anyone else who many know Rita, add this to the prayer list at your church, etc.

I look forward to watching how the Lord will bless Rita and her family through you!

Erin Mackenzie



Danielle said…
I'll be praying!

-Danielle (Our Savior, Minot, ND)
Unknown said…
We are passing this on to everyone we know here at Our Savior, our prayers are with the Ramos family.
Joyce (Our Savior, Minot, ND)