Rocky Mountain High

Chris and I took a little break from the mission and went up to stay with his family in CO for Easter. Our vacation wound up being a little longer than expected due to the fire at Rita's and 16 inches of snow, so I'll let you see for yourself how we kept ourselves busy...

Cherry Creek Reservior State Park...a ginormous lake thing with a path around it right by his parents' house. If I lived nearby I'd go walking there ALL the time!

First baseball game of the season...I've been to 4 MLB stadiums now, if you count old Busch and new Busch.

Coors Field!

View of the mountains from the stadium.

The row of purple seats is exactly one mile above sea level. Our tickets weren't too far below here...

...but Chris's sister and her fiancee had much closer seats that they let us use for a couple innings!

We went to the game again on Easter Sunday and had equally amazing seats on the opposite side of the the rain!

We went to White Fence Farm for dinner on Easter--family style fried chicken, mashed potatoes, red bean salad, cole slaw, corn fritters, pickled beets, and cottage cheese. They also have a petting zoo (where I fed this bull named was slobbery!) and a couple shops with crafts and antiques and such. Other Colorado-ey food I ate included Chipotle and Noodles & Company, both of which started in Denver, and...

...Colorado style pizza. I'm not so sure about that one...but it was yummy! They give you honey to dip the crust in at the end!

Mountain day!

I think I stared out the window the entire way up there.

And took A LOT of pictures.

We were above the tree line.

My right foot is on the Pacific Ocean side and my left foot is on the Atlantic Ocean side!

OK. I see why Chris calls the mountains in El Paso "hills."

Chris and I...almost 12,000 feet up!

Ski lifts!

Idaho Springs is this mining town in the mountains where we had the "Colorado Style Pizza" on the way back from the Continental Divide. Tiny and quaint but big enough to have a grocery store and a Starbucks ;)
It has a waterfall and a waterwheel too!

Red Rocks! You have to drive underneath this to get there!

It's an outdoor ampitheater in the middle of a bunch of big, red rocks--kind of the Denver version of the Muny for you St. Louisans, only with better scenery and they have concerts all summer, not musicals. I ran all the way down the steps to the stage but I walked most of the way back up!

Row 55 was voted the best view of the Denver skyline by some magazine. What do you think?

So many angles and colors!

Here is what it looks like from a distance!

Chris and I at the CO capitol building.

There's a marker on the steps where 1 mile above sea level is.

The Denver Art Museum building is sooo cool! The collection is too...we spent 4 hours there one afternoon!

At the "other" brewery. That's what the tour guide at Coors called the Anheuser-Busch plant that's in Ft. Collins so I will return the favor ;)

I think my favorite part was that Adolf Coors's wife thought the brewery needed to be pretty so she had a greenhouse built and to this day there are flowers everywhere!

The assembly lines were making Keystone the day we were there.

This is when we were going to come home even after we had stayed a couple extra days to help everyone recover after the fire...

When we finally made it back yesterday though, this is the load of stuff we brought for the Ramos family! God is good..that's not even all of it!

Until next time, blessings!


chill said…
yes you did stare out the window the entire way up to the mountains. And any other time you could see the mountains. Just sat there staring with this huge grin on your face.

And the art museum would have actually been really cool if not for that stupid red restaurant.
Anonymous said…
You have been to the mountains before so it shouldn't have been a complete shock. Did you have a snowball fight? In the mountains or in the 16 inches of snow?

Anonymous said…
I am so glad that you were able to spend time with us at Easter. I hope the snow did not turn you off to Colorado. Ken (Chris's Dad)
Anonymous said…
Loved the Colorado review! Contrary to Chris' comment, I liked the "Red Restaurant" in some kind of weird way. And tell your friends about the lady in the box. Maybe Chris could do his imitation for them.

It was FUN having both of you here. You brought much energy to our home. Blessings, Carol (um, you know who I am)
chill said…
the lady in the box rocked, however, i will never understand a restaurant painted completely red, filled with foxes, but no customers. Even the rolls were red. Does that mean that the foxes killed everyone and that is the blood? No, cause then the grey foxes would have red blood on them, but if that were the case, it would be cool. However, that is not the case so the RED RESTAURANT WAS STUPID!!@!!!!!!!@@@!!!@@!@@!!@@#!@!@!!!####!!@!@