Gordita Fundraiser

As many of you have probably heard by now, the mission has been struggling financially as of late. So, at our last staff meeting we decided to host a gordita fundraiser 2 weeks from Sunday, October 4. Starting at 12:30 we will have Rita's gorditas by the dozen, pints of rice and beans, and cups of salsa available for carryout purchase. I realize that most of you reading this live thousands of miles away, but if you'd like to donate towards the cause anyway, you can send a contribution designated towards "gordita fundraiser." The best part is, if we raise:

$3,000: Pastor Heimer is going to dye his hair blue;

$5,000: Pastor Astorga is going to paint his skin green and dress up like Shrek;

$7,000: Chris is going to shave his head!

And apparently if we raise $10,000 Chris thinks I am shaving my head??? We'll see about that ;)

Until next time, blessings!