"Oh, that's bad."

That's what the Dr. at the urgent care clinic said this afternoon when I went in to get my throat looked at. It all started when I woke up with a mild sore throat on Friday, and all I wanted to do all day was take a nap (highly out of character for me). Friday night I started getting chills, and then I was running a fever all day yesterday. My temperature at one point was 102.9, but I'm hoping that was skewed by the fact that I had just driven the un-airconditioned white van to the airport. I actually made 3 trips to the airport total, and then I had to take our rental van back, which of course took forever when still all I wanted to do was take a nap. On top of having a severely high temperature, my sore throat was worse and my whole body ached. At around 3:00 I finally got my wish, and felt a whole lot better after some ice water, A/C, and a 2-hour nap on Chris's couch. I knew I was sick though since I was still tired enough to go to bed fairly early even after that. This morning I didn't ache or feel like I had a temperature anymore, but my throat was worse. After church I checked things out with a flashlight and found big white splotches on either side, hence the urgent care clinic. I waited almost 2 hours, but the Dr. finally came in, told me to say "aaaaaahh," picked up his light, and grabbed a tongue depressor, which he promptly returned to the jar on the counter after commenting, "Oh, that's bad. One positive strep test and one antibiotic injection later, here I am waiting for my Nyquil to kick in. I'm supposed to call if it's not looking and feeling better by Tuesday, so please pray for a quick healing. Thanks!

Until next time, blessings!


tchrchill said…
Good chatting on facebook today. Glad to hear you're much better! Have a good week. See you in 3 weeks!

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