Send YLM a Spanish Bible...for FREE!

I found out about this opportunity from the leader of the Hanover College at the end of April:

It is sponsored by Lutheran Hour Ministries, and allows each person to request 1 free Bible in English or Spanish, although I am not sure what the link for English Bibles is. YLM is always in need of Spanish Bibles, especially since every week when Pastor Heimer and Miguel and sometimes Stephen lead worship at the Border Patrol Detention Center they take a case with them, and it was recently announced in church that they are totally out.

The entire form is in Spanish, so if it's not self-explanatory, here is a quick translation:

Nombre y apellido = First and last name
Direccion = Address
Ciudad = City
Estado = State
Codigo Postal = Zip code
Pais = Country
Genero = Gender (the choices are definitely self-explanatory!)
Esta encargando la Biblia para usted o para otra persona? = Are you requesting this Bible for yourself or someone else? (check the box on the right--"Para otra persona"--if you'd like to send yours to the mission)
Comentarios = Comments

Then at the bottom it says that the Bible should arrive here in 7-10 days! The mission's address is 301 S. Schutz Dr., El Paso, TX 79907. For anyone planning to be at the mission over the summer, you could also have it shipped to you and bring it with you.

THANKS and tell your friends!

Until next time, blessings!