A Win

Today marked a major corona win! 

In light of the changes that COVID-19 has brought to our world, the Short-term Coordinator workgroup put our heads together to come up with virtual service opportunities and voila, the English conversation partner project - pairing stateside volunteers with English language learners via Zoom - was born! 

Its progression from idea to brainstorming meeting to recruitment to implementation was an exciting, much needed whirlwind, largely due to an overwhelming response rate. The plea was put out to roughly 300 short-term team alumni, members of cancelled teams, and CUS students, resulting in 82 yeses. EIGHTY-TWO! I know from having worked in marketing that that's an insane response rate for any kind of email campaign!

Puerto Rico is one of the fields piloting the project, along with the Czech Republic and Russia. The PR team took the reins of tonight's orientation, but Courtney & I sat in to observe, listen, and learn in the hopes that, if all goes well, we can expand to other fields within LAC and around the world!

Until next time, blessings!