Havin' a Tropical Thanksgiving

Growing up, one of the Christmas albums that played often in our house contained the Bellamy Brothers' song Tropical Christmas. The song references such activities as "decorat[ing] the palm tree," "mingl[ing] ornaments with coconut lights," and "build[ing] a snowman in sand." All day Thursday, I kept thinking that I could have written a Tropical Thanksgiving parody of it, that might include

1. "Catering to expats": I caught my local grocery store hawking stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce the day before Thanksgiving. To their credit, I did succumb and buy a box of stuffing on impulse. 

2. "Putting coconut in pumpkin pie": Somehow, I let Courtney & Tirzah convince me to sign up to bring a pie to our team potluck. I DO NOT MAKE PIE CRUST. But, they don't sell the refrigerated kind you just roll out here, so I had no choice. It looked soooooo promising when I took it out of the refrigerator (see the flecks of butter?) but turned out to be, literally, a hot mess. NEVER again. 

My coconut almond pumpkin pie was rather tasty, crust and all, but I repeat: NEVER again. 

3. "Rocking short sleeves and sandals": It was a picture perfect, sunny day. I did some quality hammock-laying in the middle of the day before heading to Palmar for a 2 pm English-language worship service chock full of glorious Thanksgiving hymnody and then a delicious meal. 

With Justin & Jordan Logston, new missionaries that will serve in Belize after orientation. 

Even though we're dressed for Northern Hemisphere summer, the Logtsons, Cindy, and I still enjoyed hot apple cider and pumpkin pie white hot chocolate (my other contribution). 

The chorus of Tropical Christmas ends with "And thank Baby Jesus for this tropical silent night." On Thanksgiving and every day, I thank God for the tropical days and nights (not so silent thanks to dogs, roosters, house alarms, motorcycles, and the like) that He's given me with which to serve Him. 

Until next time, blessings!