Whisking You a Happy Halloween

After a joyous observation of the Reformation in each of the DRLM mission congregations nearly a week before October 31, the DR missionary team shamelessly gathered for a Halloween party: pumpkin-themed crafts, costume contest, the whole nine yards. 

I can't remember how the idea originated anymore, but a few weeks ago I had made a pact with Becca that if the Kreys hosted, I'd bring cutout sugar cookies, icing, and sprinkles and set up a decorating station for the kids. As we cemented our plans, I joked that I was going to come as Betty Crocker. Quite literally within half an hour of leaving the house, I decided to make good on my offhand comment!

I was pleased with the result, and the apron was practical, too!

What cracked me up was how few people knew who I was supposed to be. Betty's iconic red spoon is just a piece of Americana that's not a household fixture in the Latino community or among missionaries and missionary kids who've lived a significant portion of their lives abroad!

All the kids have had a turn? OK, guess I'll finish up the rest ;) Shoutout to Tirzah for letting me use her Pampered Chef Halloween Cookie Cutters, which were actually cookie stamps - a new-to-me baking implement. They were recently retired from the PC collection but are available on Amazon

Betty and her good friends Sadness and Anger of Inside Out fame. 

Happy Halloween from Betty, Sadness, Anger, and the rest of this eclectic bunch!

Until next time, blessings!