Welcome to the Mid-thirties

I'm in my mid-thirties now. I'll let you figure out what that means, other than that Thursday, day 247, was my birthday. 

Thanks to many of you and your well-wishes from afar, I had a lovely celebration of God's abundant grace and favor toward me in the years He's granted me thus far:

Where else would I start my morning than at the botanical garden?

Birthday pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for breakfast that I couldn't wait to try before taking a picture. 

Nearly back-to-back meetings began late morning and ended with lesson planning for next week's English classes at 3 pm. Courtney & I knocked out our weekly work session from my kitchen table, graced by a visit from the Wildauers, who had been out of water since Tuesday morning and needed a place to shower. The prospect of UNO and coloring with some squeaky clean kiddoes may have had a hand in knocking out some notes, a vocab list, and a quiz in short order. 

The Warrens hosted an intimate gathering of friends for a beer can chicken birthday dinner. Kate & Courtney did a bang-up job on my birthday cake, round 2 of a bakery confection I had ironically ordered for Tuesday's team celebration of Danelle & Carlos's recent marriage. Original pictured below!

We had time for 1 rerun of Jeopardy on Netflix before I had to head home and log onto Zoom for the second night of an online short-term team that wraps up tomorrow. Yes, you heard that right: online short-term team. More on that to come. 

I share my birthday month with numerous other missionaries and MKs, including 2 of the Kreys, whom I had the privilege of babysitting on the morning of their special day, Friday. Older sis Esther made them pancakes in the shape of their ages!

I took the time to sort through some gifts on Friday afternoon. I'll be enjoying my beautiful new table runner and pantry door full of sweet cards for the foreseeable future!

Until next time, blessings!