Symposium, Jr.

What I'm about to write about was THIS month, but it feels like it happened a century ago: the 2nd annual FPH conference for Concordia the Reformer Seminary's distance pastoral formation students. 

I knew it was going to be a scramble to get ready when I got back from South Carolina, and it was. This year, though, I was mentally prepared for the challenge. In 2023, the planners scoffed at the ease of putting on an event for a measly 43 attendees + supporting staff (compared to the Symposium's nearly 80); having been squarely put in our place, we knew what to expect this go-round: Symposium, Jr. 

I had the pleasure of hosting Katie Ervin (right, at Jamielynn's baby shower on Sunday 1/5, the day before Arrival Day) from the LCMS International Center's business office. She came to run point on all things money-related. All week, I was relishing getting to know such a lovely woman of God better AND relishing being back in my house so I can host people, period. I'm even debating upping my hostessing game by buying a small coffee maker so I don't have to borrow one every time I have a caffeine-dependent aka normal houseguest!

I took exactly one video (of the Magnificat during Vespers one day) during the entire conference...and zero pictures! My role involved getting 24 out-of-town guests here, to Palmar each day for those staying offsite, to the Kreys' for a BBQ Wednesday evening, and home, all of which was either done in advance or could be done while hiding in an office. 

The Saturday before Katie left, we went to the beach. It'd be a crime to come to an island for more than a week and do nothing but open and close the safe!

Until next time, blessings in Christ!