Week of 1/26

Nothing earth-shaking to report, just my first week on the job for real now that I know a little bit more about what I'm doing as far as handling servant events. Krysia (the Outreach Director here who has been covering my job for the past couple of months) worked with me on Tuesday and Thursday, primarily helping me navigate the master schedule and get the hang of managing the cash flow of money coming in for registration fees and such and monies that need to be paid out to cover the costs of food and construction materials (P.S. I really hate the cash flow spreadsheet and as soon as I give myself a couple weeks to fully grast the technique I plan to come up with a way to organize it E-MAC style). A large part of what she did was forward me a gazillion and one e-mails, which may sound annoying but it really helps just to get a feel for the types of questions she gets asked ALL the time and how she typically responds. She told me she is really excited to turn this part of the job especially over to me b/c she is tired of answering the same thing over and over!

It all seems kind of overwhelming right now, but as with anything that is unfamiliar, I am confident that in a couple weeks I will feel like I have everything under control. I mainly just absorbed and didn't really say much at first staff meeting on Thursday morning, but that's totally my nature when faced with new situations...pretty soon they won't be able to shut me up.

That's not all I did this week though; around here job titles are kind of fluid concepts and everyone just kinda does whatever needs to be done. Here's a sampling of the random tasks I completed this week, some servant event related and some not: tested a whole bunch of keys to the dorm rooms in building #12 to see if they worked and were labeled correctly; wrote out the Lord's Prayer in English on a posterboard because Pastor Hernandez wanted a copy of it for the English classes they're starting at Santisima; addressed a whole bunch of letters to various businesses in the El Paso area in an attempt to solicit donations to be used as door prizes at the volunteer recognition luncheon next month; made a spreadsheet containing the projected outcomes, estimated total revenue, and estimated total expenses related to servant events because Stephen wanted it for some sort of budget meeting; took pictures of various volunteers working around campus so that Krysia could add them to the slideshow she's making; drafted up a letter for all servant event leaders regarding the new passport policy as of 6/1/09; and I could probably go on.

I also booked my first servant event yesterday! Well, kind of. It's not actually on the calendar yet because it depends on whether or not the group is willing to stay in Anapra because that was the only spot open for the week she wanted, and I did ask Krysia and Chris a whole bunch of questions so I didn't forget anything, but I was kind of excited anyways!

Oh and I have a mailbox and my own set of van keys now ;)

Until next time, blessings!