2nd Annual YLMHC Golf Tournament

I promised a blog on YLMHC's 2nd Annual Golf Tournament, so here goes. It was held last Friday; I guess the original idea was to make a whole weekend out of that and the Reformation events for out-of-towners, with a Mexico mission worship service/tour on Sunday afternoon. It didn't wind up happening that way, but it was only our 2nd go at it. Most of the golfers were actually Ft. Bliss soldiers who were able to play free of charge thanks to corporate sponsors and people that love the mission but couldn't make it to El Paso/don't know how to golf.

Before the tournament, I called local restaurants and businesses in an attempt to round up door prize donations. I have done that for several YLM fundraisers now and so I have a good list of ones I can usually count on. My role on the actual day of was to sell Mulligans. Chris and I put together a 3-D display of possible ministry areas people could designate their Mulligan "donations" to, and I sat behind the table and looked pretty. Most people just filled out the Mulligan form they were handed at registration and only glanced at the displays, but it's all good since undesignated funds go towards whatever our greatest needs are. As soon as all the golfers were checked in, we cleaned up and left until the dinner that night. Mariachi San Pablo played, and there was also a presentation about YLM since a high percentage of the people in attendance live across town on the military base but had probably never heard of us. I watched all my door prizes get raffled off, went and got water for the mariachis, and took some pictures for my unofficial role as the primary author of website articles and designer of our quarterly newsletter. Chris and I went back to the mission for dinner in lieu of paying for country club food; we made French dips with some leftover roast beef. Did you know there is a such a thing as Au Jus Mix?

Samples of our 3-D displays...

People kept asking me what a Mulligan is. I don't really feel qualified to answer that question, but my understanding is that it's like a do-over, so if you hit the ball in the sand trap or something, you can redo the shot and it won't count against you.

Becky and Ann taking money.

This morning I took Freddy to renew his rabies vaccine, then edited the minutes from the last San Pablo council meeting, then concentrated on writing web articles until just now. Ever since I learned you could schedule them to post in the future, I have been doing that so readers aren't bombarded all at once. Today I wrote 3! At 4:00 I have a Development Committee meeting (I have to decide on the Thrivent board by then...I'm leaning towards yes), and that's pretty much it before I'm STL bound at 9:15 tomorrow morning! Pray for safe travel!

Until next time, blessings!


adelantegirl said…
cool displays! I didn't get to see those! very nice!
tchrchill said…
Fun, and I'm sorry I didn't see it until now! Looks like all went well, and I'm glad it brought in some funds!! Good work!!