Gozo al Mundo

Mariachi San Pablo's Christmas CD is HERE! Even though the Christmas season doesn't technically start until Friday, people have been playing this in the office ever since Pastor Heimer came back from picking them up yesterday. Chris keeps telling me that I am on the front cover since I WAS with the group during the photo shoot...wearing a Mariachi San Pablo T-shirt...but I'm not convinced. Anyways, you can order a copy online at http://www.ylm.org/mariachiCD.html or by calling the office ((915)858-2588. They're $16 and make great Christmas gifts...

In the meantime, check out this FREE music video featuring the title track. I'm in it for sure--there's a photo of Viviana's baptism and a video of me moving a piece of insulation inside a partially built house, probably on one of my organize-the-construction-site rampages.

Until next time, blessings!